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Hello, I am Josefina Hart. I am a professional network marketer, business builder, and trainer. I used to work in the healthcare field as a nurse. I have been exposed to business since  childhood, helping my parents with their businesses.



What I have learned from my parents.

  I grew up in a family business and I am raising my children in the same environment. my mother engaged in many different business. She was involved in home-based Businesses of: , construction , clothing , food , and more…And trust me, our family worked together for many years.


Being part of my family’s business gave me the opportunity to learn that if you want to be successful, you need to have a serious desire to get what you want. In ANY BUSINESS of ANY nature, it is not easy if you do not have that burning desire to make it work. That is one of the first things I noticed that my mother had, the DESIRE to make it work. So the word “BUSINESS” is not unfamiliar to me. It is DEEP in my subconscious and my motivation is HUGE!



remove_back_1_copy(1)My Why?

 For many years I was looking for a product, I started working at home doing some computer jobs online in the nursing field,  after I left my 12 hour  shift hospital job as a Nurse, so I can be with my kids, but inside me I wanted to be financially independent and have the freedom that comes with being a self employee and of course I wanted to be doing something that makes me feel happy and don’t take me away from my kids. I continued my research to determine what would be a better fit for me, My options were pretty limited.  I was looking for something flexible, with no schedule, no boss, and a large income potential, to name a few of my requirements.
Most of the time in my research I was getting discouraged about many business opportunities. I was contacted by many business owners, as I had specified in my social media profile that I was looking for a product. But one day in 2008, I was introduced to a company that I immediately connected with. It was breathtaking for me to see that a lot of people in this business were taking vacations, traveling around the world, meeting with business partners, and gathering together at conventions.
After I looked at this opportunity, one thing I knew was that I wanted the income and the lifestyle that this particular company offered. That is when I realized that network marketing was for me. Network marketing was the right way to go because if everything worked correctly, it would offer me the lifestyle that I want, including the financial freedom that comes with it, so I can take care my children.

It took me a few years before I join. There were a lot of stepping-stones along the way. There always are, when you are trying to make positive changes in your life. The bigger the change or opportunity, the more challenging it is. But that is life, and, like I said, with determination, focus and knowing  what you want, we all can do it! So I finally signed up with this network marketing company.


My Dream Company.

Key success hand I help others  how to  reconnect with friends, family and grow even their business. By presenting my business opportunity I teach people how to gain  financial and lifestyle freedom. True freedom is doing what we want, when we want, how we want, and with whom and where we want to do it.  I believe you need to set your mind first. As the CEO and founder  of my current network marketing company said at a recent convention that I attended, “The stories of your mind become the stories of your life.” My story has definitely been exactly like that. I believe that what you set your mind to is what you achieve in your life.



Self improvement has a HUGE role in my life.


header 5 Reading it has been my number one HOBBY in my life since I was a child. I love self-improvement. I started educating myself,  reading everything about this particular company following leaders and getting their trainings online and offline. One thing that i am proud of myself  is that I have always being a self started person I love to improve  myself, I love to read and learn there is no piece of good information that I haven’t read when it cross my eye. I believe when you are eager to learn there is nothing can stop you to meet your goals.



The Best decision I have ever made.

I believe that what you set your mind to is what you achieve in your life. All my life wanted to start my own business. I love to be in charge of my own life. One of my dreams always been to work from my own home while taking care my kids.  I love culture and meet others so traveling around the world is one of my goals,  meeting people and having a great time!, my vision goes beyond money I want to help others to understand that living a life without a purpose is not living at all. You need to have a purpose a plan that can take you to achieve the most unimaginable dreams a person can have.  Now that I own my business I want to continue working and focusing in my vision so one day I can be completely be free.  My favorite saying has always been “NEVER GIVE UP”. Continue visualizing yourself in your most unachievable desire, and TRUST ME, no matter what, you will CONQUER IT!



If you would like to learn the methods, tips and secrets I have used, I invite you to   contact me! I will get you more information about what I do!



Success is within YOU!







The Power of I AM
Simple Formula on How to Apply The Power of I AM to get anything you want
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